The stereotype of the ‘menopausal person’ has been stuck in time for as long as we can remember. 

More and more people are entering menopause early. Whether it’s through surgical menopause, POI, Endometriosis they share one thing in common – a lack of recognition by professionals, friends, family and society. With 2 in 3 women stating they were blindsided by the menopause (Gen M). Something needs to change.

GLORIAH creates products for purpose. Designed specifically to support you as your body changes and your needs increase throughout the menopause. 

Products designed to sit alongside your skin care, beauty products and perfumes.


‘Having experienced a close friend being chemically induced into the menopause in her mid twenties, we realized our own lack of knowledge and support. As well as a lack of products available on the market that make you feel good!

We’ve made it our life ambition to redefine the menopause space now, for current and future generations.’ – Jessica & Isla


We are a small business determined to build sustainability in from the ground up. 

We use Glass over Plastic and biodegradable packaging with sustainable ink. 

We manufacture in small batches in Scotland using naturally derived ingredients and vegan formulas. 

Cosmetic pumps and pipettes cannot be recycled in household waste. No one ever told you this, right? We believe in being upfront and honest, not greenwashing.

The good news is that we have an exciting development coming soon which will solve this and allow our packaging, including pumps, to be fully circular. Taking us closer to Net Zero and B Corp certification.


Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive community that shares education and empowers other people through this key transition in life. 

The lack of education on a topic which affects 50% of the population is astounding.

We believe knowledge is power and allows you to work with your body, not against it.