Menopause Questions & Vaginal Dryness FAQs


Why buy GLORIAH and not cheaper products?

We are not the ‘fast fashion’ of the wellness space. We bring high quality and sustainable products to market which are good for you and the planet. This comes at an above average price point otherwise, the alternatives are cheap to manufacture and produce harmful ingredients and materials. Our prices have been carefully calculated to be considered affordable luxury whilst being ethically produced.


How are your pumps/pipettes recycled?

Common pumps and pipettes are often not suitable for household recycling. Rather than greenwashing and ignoring this, we have sourced a solution. We are using TerraCycle, a waste management company to purposefully recycle these items and absorb this cost to the business. You shouldn’t have to pay for the solution to a problem the corporate world created. You can select the option for your free returns label at the check out to post them back to us and we will take care of the rest.


Why are you using heavy glass bottles?

 ‘But Glass is heavier to post and less carbon efficient than other materials’, you’re right. However, what is lighter and more harmful to the environment are recycled plastics bottles and pumps which are only single use? Our Aluminium based refill pouches are to be used with good quality, heavy, multi-use glass bottles. We’re working on bringing this to you, along with a subscription model to join up the pieces. Bear with us.


Are you B-Corp certified?

Not yet… Our goal is to become B-Corp Certified by 2024 and operate a fully circular business model. Our formulas are there, and our packaging is for the most part. Sustainability ultimately costs money, being a young company means you are cash poor. As we are growing, we are reinvesting more money into this part of our business, and we are always upfront where we haven’t quite reached our goals.


Do you ship internationally?

Right now, we only ship to the UK. Keep an eye on our socials or newsletter for updates.


How do orders and delivery work?

GLORIAH isn’t in physical stores just yet. For now, we are online only. Depending on your destination, shipping should take 3-5 working days. If you need a free post back label for items you can’t recycle and don’t plan to keep, please select this at the checkout.


Can I return GLORIAH products if I am unhappy?

If you are not happy with your products we absolutely want to know. You can return within 14 days, just email us with your order number, name and reason for return.


How do I pay?

We accept most payment cards.


Who do I contact if I need to exchange products or have a concern?

Please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within 48hrs.


How do I recycle the products and packaging for recycling?

Our product, shipping boxes and bottles are recycled locally at your home, we don’t use harmful dyes or glosses. Troublesome pumps and pipettes can be posted, for free, back to us where they will be professionally recycled via TerraCycle.


How does TerraCycle work?

Our customers post waste streams directly back to us at no cost. We then deposit these into a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box and then send them back to TerraCycle. They aggregate, sort, and recycle the waste from there. Nothing is discarded.


Are the formulas fully vegan and natural?

Absolutely, the only ingredients in our products are the ones you see in their description. This will never change.

Cruelty free

Is GLORIAH cruelty free?

Of course. We never have and never would test on animals.

Safe use

Are the lubricants toy and condom compatible?

To certify as silicone and latex safe takes financial investment to pay for the testing and accreditations. We have chosen to invest this in the sustainability of product and packaging quality instead. However, you can use our full list of ingredients and Google to make a well informed decision until we are able to do this for you. Which hopefully will be very soon!

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